Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm sorry..

To all my faithful followers I want to apologize for not posting. The past few months have been the hardest ever in my life. For the past 10+ years i've been married to the love of my life. I still love him dearly...and would take him back in a heartbeat if he changed his current ways. How he is currently, even though I love him, I can not allow things to continue. I'm not faultless, but even if you ask him, he will tell you i've improved on the issues i've had, and I will continue to improve on myself. Anyone who is a friend of my best hubby, please reach out to him. He needs you now more then ever.

I've seen a lawyer, and a divorce is imminent. For Caitlynn's and Jacob's sakes i'm asking him to get his OWN place. I pray to God that he does. I want my kids to be able to say "This is Daddy's apartment" not what they would currently have to say.

Dont anyone ever doubt that I loved, well...Love him. He is "MY GREATEST" ... that emotion ranges from Love to Severe Dislike right now... but he was never a mistake...and I dont regret our life. I do want a better life back WITH him though, and do have hope, From him, that it could happen down the road.

I'm sorry to those of you that had been left in the dark. I cant... well wont, talk about all that has occured. But Frank needs to find God again. And I Pray that everyone here can help him see HIM again.

He led me to God....I must now try to lead him back.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sorry Friends

I know blogging is not something i've been doing lately. For those that know me...and what is going on here I know you understand. Frank and I have had some marital issues, and we are currently separated working on getting back together. I'm leaning on God during all this, and my best friend...Frank, when at all possible. The kids are doing decent. Caitlynn's improving her behaviour in school And Jacob has been taken off his overnight feed for now! He's getting all fluids during the day, and doing wonderful sleeping though the night.

All I can ask of you ... is to Pray. A lot has happened I will not post here. A lot I dont even want to remember, but what is important is that I love my husband with all my heart, and he knows it. He has started telling me he loves me...and that means the world to me. Now just to get him back home so we can work on our marriage we should.

Here are a few pictures from today, he's borrowed a "toy" from a friend for the weekend. Why do mens toys always get bigger and cost more??

Sunday, December 21, 2008

please still pray

I know i'm not blogging...please understand blog family. I just cant.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Small Small update...

Today was a good day. Please Pray for more. God needs to be at work in this home....for us to survive this time. No matter what way this trial goes. I Pray He hears our hearts, and answers my prayers in the way He feels they should go. I know what I want...and what I fear. And I just Pray to God that my fears dont come true, and i'm blessed with what I want most in this world.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prayers Needed

I cant go into detail but we need alot of prayers here. Please...everyone Pray.

The kids are fine...